How to Replace Cartridge In Delta Kitchen Faucet Instantly

Before learning how to replace cartridge in delta kitchen faucet, we can define a kitchen faucet cartridge here. In fact, a kitchen faucet cartridge is a small mechanical device that dictates the direction of water flow in your sink. It has to be replaced periodically, usually every few years or so depending on how much you use it and what type of filter system you have installed.

You may have noticed that your kitchen faucet is not working as well as it was. You might think the problem lies in a cracked pipe, but here you would be wrong with your thought. The real culprit for this leaky faucet and strange water pressure issues could actually lie in something much smaller device – this is the kitchen faucet cartridge. Also, if you want to know more about kitchen faucets go here faucetmeaning.

However, this article will teach you how to replace cartridge in delta kitchen faucet. So read it below and take steps through replacing your delta kitchen faucet cartridge.

Why do you need to replace cartridge in Delta kitchen faucet?

Have you been having trouble turning on the faucet lately? Does the water pressure seem low or does it just drip out? That’s probably because your cartridge of Delta kitchen faucet needs to replace as well. Also, it is time to replace your cartridge when the water pressure decreases in your tap.

You know that a new cartridge should only take about an hour from start to finish and most people can complete this job themselves with a few basic tools. If you are not sure how to do this, contact a professional plumber who will take care of it replacing your kitchen faucet cartridge.

How to replace cartridge in delta kitchen faucet?

Like other kitchen faucet cartridges, you can easily replace the delta kitchen faucet cartridge within an hour. The following step-by-step instructions will guide you on how to replace cartridge in delta kitchen faucet.

  • Turning off the water supply line: To find the water supply valve for your faucet, look under your sink where you will likely see a pipe of the sink. Most valves have handles that are shaped like footballs or levers to rotate and close off the flow of water.

However, to turn it on again, simply reverse this process by rotating in an opposite direction until the tight seal is achieved between the handle and pipe fitting surface with no leaks present. If there aren’t any shut-off valves near you, then go ahead and stop all water at the main source so as not to waste precious drinking supplies.

Finally, to cut off the water flow, you’ll need to turn your shutoff valves. However, this isn’t as easy as it sounds because there are two different types of levers—knobs, and plungers. If you have a knob-style lever then rotate it until it’s perpendicular with the pipe or tube in which direction is facing towards where the water is coming from.

  • It needs to remove the faucet handle: The faucet handle is a common fixture in the kitchen, bathroom, and laundry room. You’ll want to know how to remove it before you need to make a replacement of the Delta kitchen faucet cartridge.

The first step will be figuring out which type of installation your particular model of faucet has. At last, to remove a faucet handle, locate the screw setscrew and loosen it with an Allen wrench. Pry off any decorative cap (lever) to reveal the hidden screws and then unscrew them using a screwdriver or flathead.

This time you need to pull straight up on the handle until you hear/feel “cracking” sounds from within your faucet body. here you can also feel resistance from inside of your grip – this means that now is time to pull it out.

  • Removing retaining nut of the faucet: To replace the cartridge in your faucet, first, use a pipe wrench or tongue-and-groove pliers. They are to loosen and remove the retaining nut from your current old one.

So you can unscrew it out at an angle using another type of tool such as a screwdriver. Because the screwdriver is inserted into either side while turning it clockwise until they are completely removed from their mountings on both sides.

However, after this is done, create water pressure onto where you will be pulling on next. Be careful not to touch any other part because these could break if too much force is applied accidentally or prematurely before removing the retaining nut.

  • Removing old cartridge for replacing a new one: The cartridge of a faucet is an important part that needs to be replaced every couple of years. Here we will show you how to remove the old cartridge. The process is simple; all it takes is unscrewing some screws, undoing the nuts on the bottom of the sink and pulling out the old cartridge from its housing.
  • Install a new Delta kitchen faucet cartridge: when you already have removed your old Delta kitchen faucet cartridge, now it is time to install a new cartridge. For doing that, you’ll need an Allen wrench, a small screwdriver, and some pliers for this project.

There are two different types of cartridges—compression and ceramic cartridges. Compression is the most common type which has been used for over 100 years. With this type, you will need pliers or a wrench to loosen and tighten the bonnet nut that holds everything in place.

On the other hand, ceramic cartridges are newer and they don’t require tools because they use an O-ring instead of a traditional washer design as compression cartridges do.

However, follow the steps below for the common replacement of a kitchen faucet cartridge.

  • Turn off the water supply by turning the knob on top of the faucet’s valve clockwise until it can’t turn anymore. This time it needs to loosen but don’t remove the handle from its seat
  • When you have done everything well, remove all of the old parts from inside with your hands or you can use needle-nose pliers. But don’t use anything sharp.
  • Put in a new seal with your fingers while replacing the new cartridge for your kitchen faucet.
  • The replacing project is complete here: Now secure the cartridge with a retaining nut. Don’t over-tighten it. Using pliers or wrenches, you have to carefully tighten until flush against the metal edge of the faucet body.

Now you have to reinstall your faucet handle and setscrew as well as any decorative cap that was removed during installation. Turn on your water supply shutoff valve by opening it counterclockwise. It’s for all of the ways up to test for proper operation before you continue anything else in this project. So you are all done with replacing a new Delta kitchen faucet cartridge.


Delta faucets are known for being high quality to their users worldwide. So you can trust that the cartridge will last a long time. The replacement process is not difficult, but it does take some patience and care to get right. Whatsoever, if you want to know how to replace cartridge in delta kitchen faucet, read this article where we have provided detailed instructions on how to replace an old cartridge of the Delta kitchen faucet. And, we expect you will visit us to know the updated information on any issues of home improvement.

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