Affiliate Disclosure

Federal Trade Commission (FTC) Disclosure Compliance Rules

To protect business and consumers from misleading information and defective products, the US Federal Trade Commission (FTC) has guidelines and compliance rules. The is walking through the path made by FTC. According to the FTC suggestion, we try our best to make credibility in advertising and maintain standards so that consumers remain trusted on internet advertising medium. This also tells to be true in providing good information. We are just following as it says to be.

The FTC disclosure also rules for affiliate marketers to be disclosed the means of earning from promoting products and publishing brands. Truly we earn a certain amount of commission or any other compensation from the affiliate market for advertising products online. This process keeps all information transparent to the online consumers who tend to shop online.

Affiliate links

We review on products and put product links on our website. If the client(s) is satisfied reading the product reviews, then she or he is ready to the next action for buy. And, subsequently the links lead the clients to the main affiliate company website where the reviewed products are available to see and check price. These are the affiliate links through which we promote clients to know more about on the affiliate company site.

Amazon Affiliate Links

To boost up sales revenue, starts Affiliate Advertising Program designed to gather participants around the world. The is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program to supply links of the Amazon products for the valued clients worldwide. If any sales occurred we earn commission for redirecting customers to

Sponsored Contents

Providing authentic and honest reviews is one of the service norms of Generally we try it to end up in our teamwork. Unbiased and impartial information collection efforts walk us through an extent distance due to customer’s satisfaction. In the sense, we do not basically digest sponsored supports for our valued clients visit us for neutral product information.

In fine, the recommendation from faucetmeaning for the items you want is really well-reviewed that we check the products upside-down and collect evidence that supports to market for our valued customers. It includes our personal experiences, friends and family information, manufacturer’s note, customer’s reviews and more from volunteer services for humankind.  If we go through the third party contents we must mention it as ‘Sponsored content’ in the very beginning of our post. We actually dislike posts from the outer part of our business.